Cornelius “Change and Vanish” 12 Inch Vinyl Single

22nd FEB 2023 release


【Cornelius「Change and Vanish」】
Side A
1 Change and Vanish
2 Tsuzukiwo

Side B
1 Change and Vanish (feat. mei ehara)
2 Change and Vanish (feat. mei ehara) [John Carroll Kirby Remix]

Lyrics by Shintaro Sakamoto / Music by Keigo Oyamada

Both tracks are currently distributed with mei ehara on vocals, however, we are releasing a version with Cornelius on vocals this time. Also, included is a self cover of “Tsuzukiwo” which was a track recorded for salyu x salyu in 2011.
The versions that are currently distributed will also be coupled in the release.